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Council approved City
ONLY Sanitation Service
as of April 1, 2023.

The City of Nelson offers trash pick up to every citizen on a weekly basis. The cost is $15.00 per month and the customer will be billed on a quarterly basis. If you would like to sign up for our trash service, please call City Hall.

Sanitation bills are due by the 15th of each month. The City accepts cash, personal checks or money orders as methods of payment. A drop box is provided at the front door of City Hall for after hour payments.

Please contact City Hall for more information at
(770) 735-2211 or CLICK HERE.

Mr. Steven Chapman is in charge of curb side pick up. Steven has been a long time employee of the City. Jacob Chapman assists Steven with curb side pick up.

*** NOTICE ***
As of June 1, 2023
There will be some Sanitation Pick up Day changes. Mailers are going out to each resident that will be effected by these changes.
The streets that will be changing from Friday to Thursday are as follows:
Barrel Way
Habersham Way
Lock Ct.
North Ave.
Pickens St. (North of Church St. Address #'s 1830 - 100)
Stock Dr.
Water St.
Winding St.



The City of Nelson is providing one 96-gallon sanitation cart to our sanitation customers.

Property owners / sanitation account holders are responsible for any damage to the cart, other than normal wear & tear. Replacement carts are approximately $100.

• Do NOT put sand, soil, rocks or concrete in the cart.
• Do NOT put anything HOT, such as ashes in the cart.
• Do NOT put paint, solvents, gasoline, oil, etc. in the cart.
• Do NOT overload or you may have difficulty controlling the cart.

The City of Nelson is NOT responsible for lost or stolen carts.
All trash must be bagged and placed inside of the cart.

Curb-Side Pick Up Policy

1. Monthly service rate is $15.00 or $12.00 for 65 years or older. Both rates are billed quarterly at $45.00 and $36.00.

2. All trash must be bagged.

3. Bags must not be over 35 lbs.

4. Limit to weekly pickup of 8 - 13 gallon trash bags or 4 - 30 gallon trash bags.

5. A late fee of $5.00 will apply if payment is received after the due date.

6. Services will be suspended if quarterly payment isn't received before the next billing cycle. The reconnection fee is $20.00 if your service becomes suspended.

7. There is a $35.00 fee for returned checks and/or stop payments.

8. Trash must be placed at the roadside by 8:00am on the day of your pick up. If you are unable to comply for health or disability reasons, please contact City Hall.

9. Items prohibited are as follows: Paint cans, gasoline, oil, tires, batteries, yard debris, tree limbs/brush, appliances, furniture, building materials, or any hazardous materials and/or chemicals.


City Hall:
1985 Kennesaw Ave.
Nelson, GA 30151

PO Box 100
Nelson, GA 30151


9am - 4pm Monday thru Friday
(Excluding Holidays)


Phone: 770-735-2211
Fax: 770-735-3957


E-Verify #838222
Since February 14, 2011

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